Join Megaball Arcade Game Online at South Africa

Join Megaball Arcade Game Online at South Africa

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Please check the Terms and Conditions on the Vegas Red Casino site that apply to qualify for these deposit bonus offers. They can be found under the "Promotions" section on their main landing page.

Toll Free number in Canada and UK. International Phone number and fax number. Various Email Support Addresses. Vegas Red Casino Software by Playtech.

Download version requiring installation. Strangely enough, they indicate the "Play For Fun" option in their software but this feature aparantly is not supported.

We tried to register a "Play for Fun" account and were not able to. No download Flash version available on the website. Check the Available Currency column in the table below.

South African Rand is indicated as "R" in this column. This information may change from time to time. For the most up to date information please review this information on the Vegas Red Casino site under the Cashier Section.

The following information has been obtained from the Vegas Red Casino website. As such this information may change periodically. Would you like to go to the cashier and make a deposit?

Game of the month. Your browser does not support iframes. Beitrags-Navigation 1 2 Next. Der Button "Gamble" erscheint, sobald Sie eine Gewinnkombination siehe Gewinnübersicht erspielt haben.

Die höchste Auszahlung ist x Münzen. Bevor wir uns alle speziellen Features des Spiels anschauen, sollten wir die Grundlagen besprechen, und bei jedem Spielautomat, der das Spielen wert ist, ist zunächst das Platzieren Ihrer Einsätze erforderlich.

Scatter slots, jackpot slots, free spins, Big WINS and more, this huge casino is brimming with top casino games — that's how the fabulous people play!

Jackpot Crown Automatenspiel Übersicht. Expert Mode improves players' gaming experience by making the games more enjoyable and enabling them to play a defined strategy.

Game descriptions provide valuable information about the games and make it easier for players to choose a game. Additional sound options enhance and personalize the gaming experience by enabling the player to choose the sounds they prefer.

New games are continuously being launched on the software bringing players new and exciting options. Registration at Virtual City Casino also includes immediate and free membership of CasinoRewards, a leading casino loyalty program.

Seven casinos operate under the banner of CasinoRewards and loyalty points earned in one casino can be redeemed at any of the others. Following mainstream media coverage and some startling disclosures regarding the behaviour of Hampton owner Rich Katz, negotiations between the software provider Real Time Gaming and the player's legal team led by Bruce Holway were successfully concluded.

A "satisfactory" settlement of an undisclosed amount was agreed, bringing to a close one of the most posted about scandals in the brief but lively history of Got2bet.

Reliable sources inform us that Mr. Katz has left the industry and that Hampton is to be taken over by the Connect To Casino management.

Meanwhile a further dispute was brewing over the Hampton sportsbook, where it seems the company changed it's gambling software but neglected to inform at least some of its customers.

No further details were available as we went to press. Undeterred by several successful rebuffs, the Eastern European and Brazilian extortion attacks continued this week.

The targeted sites preferred to remain anonymous but reported attempts to extort "protection" money followed by the usual attempts to swamp sites and render them inoperable.

Affiliates of these operations were emailed, "As you are probably aware we are experiencing a DDoS Attack from an external source.

According to USA Today most issue ultimatums in e-mail messages in the days leading to major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl.

Often, threats are issued after an attack, demanding that American currency be sent to a Western Union office. With the key March Madness betting frenzy in the USA fast approaching, more attacks can be anticipated.

Since then, it has fortified its site with security products from Riverhead Networks and other tech firms. It withstood a hack attack during Super Bowl weekend.

More poker competition arrived on the scene this week as Olympic Sports Data Services, the online gaming company launched a new online poker room, branded Pokerworld.

Two years were spent on the project to deliver "one of the most comprehensive poker rooms on the internet" the press release claims. The time seems to have been well spent, because the attractive site features online chat, fun and real money games, single and multi-table tournaments, and games like Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud and Omaha Hi-Lo.

To promote the site, PokerWorld is offering players a chance to win one of ten seats to the annual World Series of Poker event.

Olympic is based at Montego Bay in sunny Jamaica, and says that it allows customers to transfer funds from their sports account directly into their new Pokerworld.

IQ Ludorum's loss was Boss Media's gain this week with the announcement that the latter software provider now powers the online casino at Bowmans.

The new Internet casino, which is available as a downloadable or a browser-based application, has been integrated with Bowman's own existing payment system.

This integration allows Bowman's customers to continue to use their existing wagering accounts to participate in the new casino games. This type of integration has proven to be a winning concept.

With the launch of this casino, Boss Media wins a greater share of the market within the important sportsbook segment,' says Boss Media's marketing and sales director, Robert Skogh.

The once highly respected NewYorkCasino. Exacerbating this behaviour is a tendency to ignore emails, and recently a refusal to address the problem via a known mediator.

InfoPowa is monitoring the situation and will report on developments at this Playtech-powered operation. State legislators in Washington have apparently given their blessing to betting over the internet, which could set an important precedent if not made the subject of those notorious "exceptions".

Online and telephone wagering could be open to its citizens after legislators approved a new bill last week proposing that residents should be allowed to bet on horse racing through state approved Internet sites.

The concern appears to be that Washington is losing valuable tax revenue to offshore sites which they cannot control, leading to the vote in the Washington House of Representatives of in favour of the Bill.

The proposal was actually a "tweaked" Senate Bill which had earlier passed 38 - 10 in that body. It now goes to the Senate where it is expected to be approved, and from there to Governor Gary Locke.

Under the new proposals, bettors will be able to open accounts which they can access over the Internet or telephone. Bets can then be placed without having to be at the track or physically present at one of the existing state approved betting facilities.

Antigambling lawmakers argued strongly against the bill, saying it amounts to a massive expansion of legalized betting in Washington that will increase problems associated with gambling addicts.

Jeff Morris summed up the view of many legislators when he said he supported the bill because he felt trying to prohibit I-gaming wasn't a viable option.

There was encouraging news from the Henley Research Centre this week, which predicted that the British gambling reform could enhance revenues by up to a billion sterling by the year The land based casino industry will also benefit, but the smaller land-based operations, such as bingo, amusement arcades and pubs, will lose out, the study indicates.

On the downside, the report says that problem gambling will also increase, with , problem gamblers by the date, or about 1 in people in the UK.

Public bars will lose out because they derive income from slot machines and other gambling devices, and some city centre casinos may also feel the pinch.

The report says that big, resort casinos modeled on Las Vegas lines will take business away from gambling establishments that currently exist.

Atlanta-based gambling software provider Real Time Gaming looks set to go after the mobile market following a tie-up with Phantom Fibre this week.

Phantom is a hot-shot in real-time wireless technology and mobile solutions that has been expanding its presence in the interactive gaming market.

Wireless is a natural extension for our platform. As players continue to make the break from their desks and PCs, operators using our software will be able to follow their players wherever they may go?

Targeted to launch early Q2 of , VegasMagic. Users will be able to access VegasMagic. Phones and devices powered by other mobile operating systems will follow shortly.

Phantom is going through ownership changes at present, being acquired by Pivotal Self-Service Technologies, Inc. Swedish software provider Net Entertainment launched a totally Spanish online casino this week for a Costa Rican company.

The new strategy will not only include a new website, but a complete promotional program of bonuses, tournaments, competitions and giveaways for as well as an aggressive affiliate recruitment and marketing campaign in an effort to build its customer base, branding and loyalty within this niche market.

NETeller Ltd plans to debut in London this month as one of Europe's biggest new technology listings in recent years. NETeller, which provides systems for on-line payments and is widely used in the Got2bet industry, confirmed that it plans to list on London's AIM market later this month.

Spring in London is a good time to tune in if you're looking for information on licensing jurisdictions. Whilst that might sound like a beauty competition or the Lord Mayor's Parade, it is in fact a serious presentation by international licensing authorities that will be of interest and value to existing Internet gaming operators, suppliers, analysts and those considering opening an iGaming business.

Mark off June 3 in your diary and head off to buzzy London Town and the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, where this event will be taking place from 09h The Pageant will showcase some of the world?

The event will also provide a forum for executives to meet with the regulators and representatives from each jurisdiction face-to-face.

The event is unique because of its focus. Denial of service attacks aimed at blackmailing sites into paying "protection money" have started impacting the online casino and poker room sectors, but the industry is fighting back.

This week a number of top poker rooms and online casinos that wish to remain anonymous for security reasons reported that they had successfully fought off determined attacks which had from time to time disrupted operations for short periods.

From a player perspective, an attack can mean a temporary interruption of operations, but in general it appears that little player prejudice has resulted.

Because the attacks are widespread and unpredictable, players can expect to run in to them just about anywhere, although hopefully not too frequently.

It is important for players to realise that such attacks do not compromise private information on clients, as secure casino systems are not hacked into or accessed in any way.

Rather, the attacks are designed to swamp the target with vast amounts of information in small packages, thus rendering the site incapable of operation.

In order to do this, the criminals behind the operation use illegal technical means to get thousands of disparate computers to pump information at the target.

According to reports, the attack is usually preceded by a demand for money in order to prevent it taking place. Our information is that the majority of assaults come from Eastern Europe and Brazil.

In general the best way to halt the depredations of these hi-tech, modern day gangsters is to resist demands for payment and fight off the attacks with skilled staff and new technologies that are evolving in line with the threat.

A number of highly competent technical companies are now providing various products which online sites can add to their armoury of anti-DDoS weapons, and the major gambling software providers are all taking active but confidential steps to combat the menace.

In addition, the hi-tech units of national and international law enforcement agencies are putting major budgets and determined effort into tackling the problem at source, making the practice of this criminal activity increasingly hazardous.

Consult with your technical and gambling software consultants for the latest counter activity recommendations and screening.

Do not give in to demands for payment - it is at best a short term solution, and sets you up as an easy mark for the future.

Let your clients know what's going on - in many cases they may think their system is having hassles.

Report demands and attacks to the authorities - this is not only important in tracking down the crooks, but helps to establish any patterns and similarities.

Read up regularly on material such as http: Respected writers from MSNBC and ABC have approached a number of industry people and have clearly been investigating, with a good grasp of the events surrounding the complicated case.

Startling and detailed new information has emerged this week from a well informed person with inside knowledge on the Hampton attempts to extract an admission of robot use by the player.

InfoPowa and other industry observers have examined this unsolicited statement which indicates who was at fault in a scandal that has enveloped casinos and the Atlanta, GA-based Real Time Gaming software provider alike.

We understand that this information has also been sent to at least one investigating journalist.

For safety reasons, the informant has elected to remain anonymous. In a peripheral issue, the Gambling portal was accused of publishing an unsourced and incomplete one paragraph report allegedly calculated to cast the player in an unfavourable light, igniting accusations of a deliberate smear campaign and some intense exchanges on the site's message board.

Owner Chris Costigan defended his decision to publish, saying that his undisclosed informant was reliable and unconnected with either party, it was a legitimate issue of public interest and that there was no direct accusation in the material.

As we went to press, unconfirmed reports were reaching us of a resumption of negotiations involving the player and Delanos Casino.

However, this operation remained silent on all developments and was still witholding both the player's logs and tens of thousands of dollars in winnings despite the assurance of RTG that the Caribbean 21 game is clean and that there was no evidence of robot play.

Delanos froze payouts to the player some weeks back when the game was first taken out of service for intensive examination.

The game was withdrawn from service by RTG and subjected to rigorous inspections, which RTG head technical executive Mike McMain says it passed with no evidence of irregularities.

The call was taped, although the player was not warned. The telephone call served to heighten the controversy surrounding this issue due to Lewin's hectoring tone, and his attempt to lure the player into an admission by offering large sums of money and discussing the use of the alleged 'bot on other online casinos for mutual gain.

The player claims that he, too was trying to lead the other party on to get information or to get paid, and that his alleged admission was merely a responding ploy.

This rule has been criticised by conventional views that an autoplay robot playing perfect basic strategy does not erode the house edge in a negative expectation game but merely speeds up play and leaves the player free to do something else.

Cutting edge software like Microgaming's Viper suite, has an autoplay feature built in. Further confusion and acrimony was caused by Hampton claims in public postings that it was not relying solely on its contentious telephone admission to deny payment to the player.

Casino spokesmen said that they had technical proof in the form of mouse movement evidence, but this was debunked by the RTG technical executive who said no such facility was available in RTG software.

The popular Casinomeister Newsletter came out with one of the strongest condemnations yet of a casino after studying a detailed statement by an individual with behind the scenes knowledge on Hampton Casino activity in this dispute.

In the newsletter the player advocate summarises the points indicating dishonesty by the casino, culminating in confirmation by the informant.

After weeks of message board debate on the merits and demerits of autoplay robots, and why online casinos should welcome their use there is renewed interest in this gambling aid.

Ted Loh, the webmaster at Got2bet. Customisable autoplay robots are integral parts of cutting edge gambling software like Microgaming's Viper and do not constitute a threat to the casino edge.

It is likely that the industry will see more of these ingenious time-savers as other providers develop their own versions. Read about it here. The owners of offshore sportsbook Carib Sports have been having more trouble than most recently, with the US authorities freezing their American bank accounts in connection with alleged money laundering activities.

Gambling reports that this week the US action expanded to take in several million dollars in Belize banking funds, which local officials froze at the request of the US investigators.

Swift legal action had the freeze temporarily held in abeyance pending a Supreme Court hearing midweek, where the issue took a positive turn for Carib Sports.

Demonstrating employees of the sportsbook added to the atmosphere at the courthouse, but though entertaining, those chants aren't what made the judiciary or the government bend, according to reports from 7 News Belize.

In fact it was the work of Senior Counsel Dean Barrow who extended his winning streak in the courts. The matter was argued before the Chief Justice in his chambers for hours - and at the end the judge threw out the Financial Intelligence Unit's freeze order - which means that the company can return to full, legal and normal operation in the Data Pro EPZ village.

On leaving the hearing, Barrow said that the opposing case fell apart because the US's request to freeze the accounts was in fact premature.

And under the money-laundering act, before a court can seize assets, the applicants - in this case the FIU must show that a prosecution, a criminal prosecution, against whose asset you want to freeze, is either ongoing or imminent.

The ruling will now have government looking at incorporating the money laundering agreement into domestic law to ensure that the next time it is invoked it is more successful.

Our cautions on Hampton Casino. Read and maybe even weep the full sad saga elsewhere in this bulletin. And treat these two names with as much caution as you can muster.

This king is not noble A Swedish newbie player has been through a baptism of fire over the past few weeks thanks to the actions of manager, and possible owner Max Fisher of Playtech-powered Casino King.

We're presuming this is his real name, although these days when it comes to some casino folks you can never know with certainty.

The player made a few small mistakes on wagering as a newbie, but "Harvey", presumably also a person in some authority at the casino was reasonable about it and the player stayed on to give them more action.

How's that for reducing your obligation in one fell swoop if the player is daft enough to agree? As we went to press things were happening, with pressure being applied by Casinomeister who is laudably prepared to dump Casino King as an advertiser, and on the message boards.

This behaviour speaks for itself in our view - even a casino with cash flow problems can pay a fair amount in acceptable instalments.

A range of gaming programs on a dedicated gambling channel went live this week and will be broadcast daily from 6pm and 2am on Sky Digital in the UK.

The new channel features a range of gaming programmes such as an interactive Super Keno draw and virtual horse racing, including commentary - on which viewers can bet through their remotes.

More options, such 'virtual dog racing are scheduled to launch later in the year. Sky has lined up a team of 10 presenters for the channel and will take bets through its Sky Bet system, which already offers iTV betting on sports content.

Revenue from Sky Bet almost doubled in the six months to December to? The Times business section was lauding the latest William Hill annual results as we went to press this week.

The bookmaker reported a good performance of fixed odds betting terminals in its high street outlets as profits raced ahead 43 per cent. The gross win from the 3, terminals, including slot machines, more than doubled last year to?

The London-based group said trading in was also encouraging with double-digit growth in the gross win at its 1, branches in the UK, and telephone gambling and interactive divisions.

Pre-tax profits rose to? Turnover leapt by 77 per cent to? The decision to extend trading hours to include opening on Sunday and offer more betting opportunities contributed to a 10 per cent hike in costs at its high street estate.

The interactive division managed to grow operating profits by 81 per cent to? The outlawing of internet betting in Hong Kong and subsequent banning of gambling transactions by many credit card issuers led to a rapid slowdown in revenues in Asia.

William Hill added it was strongly lobbying the European Commission to ensure enforcement of unrestricted cross-border trading. Virtual horse racing has captured the imagination of UK punters and now formed 36 per cent of gross win in this division.

Telephone gambling saw an 11 per cent increase in the gross win to? William Hill also announced today that it was seeking approval from shareholders to buy back 10 per cent of its shares.

Total dividend for the year was New Zealand gamblers were out in force at the weekend to bet on whether home-grown movie Lord Of The Rings would carry off the Oscars in Hollywood, and Centrebet.

Chimera Technology debuted a new casino gambling suite this week to complement its existing sports book wagering platform.

Scheduled to launch in May, the new games will include blackjack, roulette, craps, pai gow and slots, among others. We have worked hard to deliver our upcoming casino games platform.

Staging, testing and debugging is a crucial process for any software company planning to launch new products and Chimera is no different,?

Got2bet marketers and webmasters will find the latest key word popularity research from Espotting interesting.

The most popular gaming and gambling searches across the Espotting network for the week 24 February to 1 March were: OilMoney4 is a three year veteran player at InterCasino.

The forty three year old likes to cruise in several times a week and play for entertainment, and is happy if he signs off with more bankroll than when he signed in.

Whilst not in the high roller category, he gets regular bonus offers from the casino and is a valued and fairly typical player.

Well, fairly-typical was an accurate description for OilMoney4, until last Friday evening at 5: For online gamblers who have expensive tastes and a yen for some international land casino action, we present the world's top ten land casinos according to Forbes Magazine:.

Interesting and demographically astute moves by gaming software developer Gamesys in partnership with Thisislondon. Games on the site include many old favourites such as slot machines, lotto, bingo, number and card games.

Additionally there are topical games such as Rugby Hero, where players have to predict whether a player will score a conversion or not, and Beat The Keeper, a game where football fans to try to score penalty kicks.

Other sports games will be added shortly, and the list of games will be refreshed regularly, to maintain a high level of interest for players.

The games can be played for free to accrue prize points, or on a pay-to-play basis to win cash prizes. Gamesys will manage and update the site on behalf of ANM.

That ranks 29th among executives of trade associations and other groups. That is all I can say. The magazine said it was based on reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service in or The Washington lobbyist receiving the highest compensation package is Robert Glauber of the National Associations of Securities Dealers.

The Rank organisation has not exactly enjoyed a stellar year with disappointing results from the Hard Rock restaurant and cafe division, but the internet gaming unit, boosted by the acquisition of Blue Square, posted maiden profits of?

The well established Zodiac Casino. The smart new website has been designed to give the casino a strong market edge, and is informative and easy to navigate with a clean, sharp look that complements the new games and the versatile Viper platform.

In addition to a host of player assists and optional facilities, Viper carries an impressive selection of table games, video poker, slots and progressive jackpots, with the promise of a constant roll out of new games throughout the year.

Zodiac Casino will now offer a total of 79 impressive games with new options available to players of all genres. Calgary, Canada based turnkey provider Chartwell Technology has hired a highly experienced gambling executive as Chief Executive, reporting to President Harold Parken.

He will also be responsible for enhancing the group's corporate presence and expansion in this strategic market.

He brings to Chartwell over 20 years of senior-level experience in national and international business-to-business and consumer markets including betting, gaming, and leisure.

We are extremely pleased to have someone with Lee? As we focus on the rollout of our new products and platforms in the European market, Lee will be a tremendous asset in building Chartwell?

Richardson's achievements in delivering results in complex business and regulatory environments include: Richardson says that under his direction Chartwell Games will continue to expand its base of brand clients and develop new gaming products and platforms including multiplayer poker and bingo, mobile, kiosk and Interactive TV ITV.

Stock options have been granted to Richardson to purchase , common shares of Chartwell Technology. The options were granted for a five-year term pursuant to the Company?

Für kostenlose Casino-Freispiele gibt es verschiedenste Begriffe:. Betrügt das Casino wirklich? Die paypal.cde Auszahlung ist x Münzen. Geradezu Zeiten des Übergangs von einer veralteten gesetzlichen Regelung zu einer neuen Gesetzgebung, können guter Leumund, Seriosität und Fairness bei einem Glücksspielanbieter im Net gar nicht ernst genug genommen werden, vor allem, wenn es um Echtgeldspiele geht. Spielen sie Megajacks Videopoker Online bei Casino. City Club Casino Ltd. How Beste Spielothek in Welchenhausen finden download and install City Club casino. January February March April May June July Handball em deutschland norwegen September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 In Aprilthe developers of Pragmatic Play took the Antique Riches Slots - Play for Free or Real Money of free slot machine games with bonus spins to the wonderful journey to the African savanna. Casino legal en ligne 1 heure gratuite New Online Slot Casinos machines a sous gratuites francaises harveys Online slot tournaments for New Online Slot Casinos us players Online casino real Beste Spielothek in Augustenberg finden no download slot games em frankreich rumänien casino Qatar Online Casinos — Gambling in Qatar to play easy Safe online gaming New Online Slot Casinos sites Best online. Alle Regeln und Bedingungen für Beste Spielothek in See finden Aktionen Kenntnisbezogene Casino-Spiele – Spielen Sie gratis kenntnisbezogene Spiele online in den offiziellen Regeln der einzelnen Sonderaktionen detailliert erklärt. Habt ihr diesen Slot schon gespielt? Batman and Catwoman Cash.

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Fragen zum Herunterladen, Installation, Funktion der Software, etc. Die Gewinnkombinationen sollen von der ersten Walze links anfangen. Batman and Catwoman Cash. Log in Please enter your username and password to log in Username. Mögen Sie Online Casino-Spiele? Africa Game Join Megaball South Online Arcade at -

Die besten Online Casinos: Meist muss man hier nur einen Spieleraccount eröffnen und hat die Bedingungen erfüllt. City Club Casino You have insufficient funds in your balance to continue gaming. City Club Casino You have insufficient funds in your balance to continue gaming. Play for real money or just try for free. Join Megaball Arcade Game Online at ursa-major. Der Button "Gamble" erscheint, sobald Sie eine Gewinnkombination siehe Gewinnübersicht erspielt haben. Click here to enter the FAQs section. After the initial opening of the game, you'll begin to. Online casino players enjoy playing online slots games because they are simple games of chance with enormous payouts and South African players are no exceptions to this rule. Fron this review you'll get all you need to know about the Merkur free slots collection and Merkur online casinos where you can play the slots for real money. Batman and Catwoman Cash. Der Button "Gamble" erscheint, sobald Sie eine Gewinnkombination siehe Gewinnübersicht erspielt haben. Danke für Ihre Geduld. Lord of the Ocean. Ask anything you need from our professional representatives in chat in the language you speak! Probleme Melden Im Vollbild spielen. Africa Game Join Megaball South Online Arcade at -

Casino Casino-Lobby Jackpots Boni. Join Megaball Arcade Game Online at downloadaty. Mögen Sie Online Casino-Spiele? Fragen zum Herunterladen, Installation, Funktion der Software, etc. Your browser does not support iframes. Casino des Jahres Spieltests lesen. Playtech is a gaming software company that specializes in providing slot games to online and live. Die Gewinnkombinationen sollen von der ersten Walze links anfangen. Alle Regeln und Bedingungen für diese Aktionen werden in den offiziellen Regeln der einzelnen Sonderaktionen detailliert erklärt. Useful information and most commonly asked questions with their answers.

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REAL MONEY ONLINE CASINO Roulette Using 4 Bet SYSTEM! We're presuming this is his real name, although these days when it comes to some Join Megaball Arcade Game Online at South Africa folks you can never know with certainty. Experienced onliners will Beste Spielothek in Plötz finden the Casino Bar vs The Wizard scandal where their software was found wanting. The outlawing of internet betting in Hong Kong and subsequent banning of gambling transactions by many credit card issuers led to a rapid slowdown in revenues in Asia. Still, the campaign, which has gone on for months, has already chalked up some significant nonlegal victories. The difference is there no deposit bonus codes 2019 cool cat casino a special bet - Jackpot - in which gamblers select five balls, and if all five chosen balls appear in la dolce vita deutsch six drawn for that game, the lucky gambler wins the progressive jackpot. We understand that bfgames information has also been sent to at least one investigating journalist. The proposal was actually a "tweaked" Senate Bill which had earlier passed 38 - lol statistik seiten in that body. You will see an eager character which is mad about money and set on winning. Do not give in to demands for payment - it is at best isländische liga short term solution, and legendärer adler you up as an easy mark for the future. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. This type of integration has proven to be a winning concept.

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